Arcam irDAC-II Bluetooth DAC

Arcam irDAC-II Bluetooth DAC

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Thanks for looking at my ad for the irDAC-II.If your looking for an affordable DAC this one should be in your crosshairs.Reviewers like this better than the Benchmark MK.1 DAC that cost $995.00.With bluetooth you can play 
music from your phone on your home stereo and it sounds unbelievably good. You can also use this as a preamp and headphone amp.One awesome piece of stereo equipment from Arcam.Please contact me with any questions or if you need help with anything else. 

Rick at Audio Force in Davenport Iowa. 

Product Description 

                                                          Brand new sealed unit in factory box.
     The new irDAC-II continues the story adding Bluetooth connectivity, headphone output and DSD128 support. The irDAC-II comes packed with cutting edge technology and features that will benefit the most demanding user. We have gained a lot of knowledge developing class leading DACs. Areas like isolation of the digital and analogue stages, ultralow noise power supplies and a direct coupled signal path make a big difference. We use the outstanding ESS Sabre DAC to obtain performance that we believe will be unmatched in this price category. Jitter reduction is an obsession within our engineering team. They have applied their experience in the irDAC-II to produce a signal that is almost jitter free. The headphone output stage has been taken from the flagship A49 amplifier and is capable of driving the most demanding of headphones. Both fixed and variable line outputs are also available, allowing for ultimate system building flexibility. The irDAC-II is designed to be the heart of a digital system and can be connected to a host of different types of digital sources and connections. This includes asynchronous USB and Bluetooth. All of the inputs can be controlled through an IR remote that will also give you transport control of a PC or Mac USB source via the HID (Human Interface Device) control. 

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